Giving computers a sense of smell to improve the health & wellbeing of human life.

Vision and hearing have been digitized — but not smell — our oldest and deepest sense. Osmo is bringing an unprecedented combination of hardware, software, data and capital to this historic challenge.

A map of odor

Building machines that smell requires a map of odor – a way to predict what a molecule smells like from its structure. Fueled by cutting-edge machine learning and breakthroughs they made at Google Research, the Osmo team has built the first map of odor in human history.

Saving & enriching lives

When computers can smell, we’ll be able to detect diseases earlier, track pandemics faster, enhance our olfactory and culinary experiences, grow more food, catch food spoilage, ward off insects – and more. We’ll also be able to capture and create smells that activate our memories and our emotions.

Join us

If you’re interested in exploring the next frontier in digital olfaction—through machine learning, data science, psychophysics, olfactory neuroscience, electrical engineering, and chemistry—please check out our Careers page.

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